Things which compound

  • Being purposeful #

    Understand my motivations.

  • Remove ambuity

    Decision making causes strain.

    Removing ambuity allows us specify precise actions to get things done.

    This removes a layer of stress.

  • Doing hard things #

    Become disciplined.

  • Understanding my motivations

    I am motivated by solving problems: For learning: Rather than reading text, I enjoy going straight to exercises and solving these. Alternatively I formulate questions and answer them.

    In terms of work I am motivated by solving important problems other people face.

  • Applying problem solving approach to myself

    Problem solving skills:

    • decomposing problems into first principles
    • rubber ducking
    • getting advice
    • writing

    Should not just be applied to work, should be applied to all aspects of life.

  • Sharing information with others #

    After I share information, questions are asked, and people share related things.

  • Analytical reading

    Need to be critical about sources. After all I have a new superpower: digging into data.

  • Investing #

    Opened an account

  • Budgeting

    No progress here yet.

    Update: My expenses have been consistently low, probably because the pandemic has kept me at home.

  • Reflection

    Concretize the improvements I need to make and am making. Make sure I am doing things which are important to my personal growth.

  • Meditation

    This gives me emotional stability and clarity of thought.

    Only did one session and gave up. Should do this more often.

  • Exercise

    As above.

  • Communication #

    This is a recent addition, something which I have known was important for a long time. When working in teams you have to be good at this. Either asking right qns / giving clear ans.

    Have been regularly asking for feedback at work.

    I think I need to scale this to other aspects of life as well.

Those with ’#’s are things I believe I have been practicing.

This list will evolve over time to track my personal progress.

  • Learn from experts #

Notes from Greylock Techflair