Things which compound (for me)

  • Understanding the best way I absorb information #

    Problem solving approach - Rather than reading text, I enjoy going straight to exercises and solving these. Should take this to the next step, focusing on decomposing the extremely tough problems into smaller ones.

  • Sharing information with others ##

    After I share information, questions are asked, and people share related things

  • Analytical reading

  • Investing #

    Slowly making progress here. Should start doing dollar cost averaging

  • Budgeting

    No progress here yet.

  • Reflection

    Concretize the improvements I need to make and am making. Make sure I am doing things which are important to my personal growth.

  • Meditation

    Only did one session and gave up. Should do this more often.

  • Exercise

    No explanation needed here..

  • Communication

    This is a recent addition, something which I have known was important for a long time. When working in teams you have to be good at this. Either asking right qns / giving clear ans.

Those with ’#’s are things I believe I have been practicing.

This list will evolve over time to track my personal progress.