learning to learn


learning tips

How to get things done?

  • Remove work space distractions. Ritualize this process.

    • Cleanup your workspace
    • Include things e.g. food, snacks, water, which can keep your energy levels up.
    • Short breaks to refresh.
    • Alarms to prevent you from being distracted by the time.
  • Habitual deep work.

    • Set a specific time during the day to do deep work.
  • Journalistic deep work.

    • Be confident and experienced in deep work.
    • Have a set location to do deep work.
  • The recurring theme is to find ways to make deep work effortless.

    • Habitual deep work makes it a routine, removing the friction of decision making.
    • Journalistic deep work incentivises you to do deep work, because you understand on a fundamental (emotional) level, the benefits of it.
  • Construct an environment which deep work is important

    • e.g. renting out a hotel room to do critical deep work, the monetary cost makes the work you do important.


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