Computers - a puzzle [WIP]

I wrote this blogpost as an attempt to consolidate my fundamental knowledge of computers, and help others gain this knowledge too.

I learn best when I’m actively figuring out puzzles. What I will do here is to have two posts.

  1. Questions based approach, readers, will answer all questions here, and eventually arrive at the conclusion of how modern computers work.
  2. Answers to all the posed questions.

We will start off with very basic computers, and work our way up to modern computers that everyone uses.

To gain an intuition on the design of computers, we look at the problems they were built to solve.

First, we know that computers are needed for calculations. To do so, we needed to support addition, subtraction and so on.

We realized that various electronic components could be used for this purpose.

Modern day

Browsing the web mainly, using tools like powerpoint, spreadsheets and so on to deal with data.