Project ideas

Project ideasRemarks
Ip address tracker for links
Consultancy for model generation using D3JS
Tool using NLTK to analyze codegive users intel about what their program does via keywords
Modal task management toolPossibly just configuring my emacs
QR code generator (static site)
Timezone deconflictingUse to schedule international meetings
Video streaming (download MP2T streams)use ffmpeg?
Game in which you can modify the interpreter
RPG Game (Roguelike, Multiplayer)
Update miniKanren to support quine and function synthesisSee email thread with Will and Jason
Step-wise function substitution for recursive functionsUse for y-combinator derivation, delay in miniKanren, see
Types with nix
Creating live wallpaper on android
Cp4 book
Type level miniKanren in Haskell
Learn how to generate diagrams and wireframes with d3.js
Exercise heatmap as a static site
Finish deriving y-combinator
Visualize graph algorithmsProvide ability to visualize worst, average and best case scenarios
Contribute to GHC
Nature of code
Cron job for posting AI powered recommendation feed to my telegram channel + news feed
Name ideas
Simultations of nature - ants