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Books / PapersDescriptionStatus (%)Duration (FROM - TO)
Haskellbook100%01-08-2018 - 01-08-2019
Thinking with Types10%01-02-2020 - 01-03-2020
Raytracing in a Weekend100%04-07-2020 - 19-07-2020
Category theory for programmers40%05-05-2020 - Now
Functional Design and architecture12%25-06-2020 - Now
The Elements of computer systems0%
Programming Language Foundations in Agda1%02-07-2020 - Now
SICP50%02-08-2020 - Now
Pimp - Iceberg Slim100%19-08-2020 - 26-08-2020
Okasaki - functional algorithms, data structures0%-
Algorithm design - Haskell0%-
48 laws of power
Thinking, Fast and Slow
Social engineering: The art of human hacking
How to win friends and influence people
The social animal
Influence: Science and Practice
Neuromarketing: understanding the buy buttons in your customer’s brain
The branded mind
Gobel, Bach, Escher5%
The little typer
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