Stripe interview walkthrough

What Stripe does

Fraud detection


2M+ businesses

99.9999% uptime in 2020

Used with deliveroo for managing payments


APAC - Bank Payment Methods

APAC - Cards team

Interview process

  1. Application
  2. HackerRank
  3. 1x Technical Screen
  4. 2x Technical interviews for interns 3x Technical interviews for interns
  5. Manager Chat
  6. Offer


60 minutes, submitted within 2 weeks.

Format: Provided tests and hidden tests


  • Code quality

Technical Screen

45 minutes

Coding problem from scratch, work through programming exercise, explain thought process.


  1. Programming Exercise

15mins setup, 45 mins interview

Create and tackle with a small program from scratch

  1. Integration

60mins, using existing library and code to fulfill spec.

Can you help yourself & read documentation?

  1. Bug Squash (New Grad Only)

Find & triage bug in large existing code base.

Can you fix it?

Manager Chat


Describe technically challenging project technical contribution cross functional why work at Stripe?

Sample Problem

Common python libraries

datetime collections

At Stripe, customers aare paid everyday except holiday.

Given list of holidays: [Date] List of payouts and scheduled dates like: [{amount: Int, date: Date}]

  1. Consider ALL cases:
  • Duplicate payout dates
  • Holidays accounted for
  • Consecutive holidays
  • Overflow end-of-month holiday payouts

2. Clarifying questions to ask

3. Approach

4. How would you ensure all special input cases are met?

5. What are some possible failure modes to avoid?

- avoid rolling ur own implementation, since these are complex to deal with. Use established ones e.g. `datetime`

If you need to use a library, you are free to google and integrate it on the spot.

## What is measured during interviews

1. Communication

    - Explaining your work
    - Responding to feedback

        E.g. telling you to check edge-cases, mark as TODO, let them know you want to get solution first.

    - Professional and Courteous

2. Scoping

    - Understand problem scope
    - Edge cases
    - Ask questions, state assumption
    - Break down the problem
    - Run the code incrementally and iteratively

3. Writing Code

    - Code abstraction & quality
    - solving the problem
      - ask if you need to validate types of values
    - know your language, your development environment, accept code practices

## Resources

leetcode, hackerrank
mock interiews

rest api
how does http work
swe pattern
state machines
data structures

## Interview questions


Parsing urls

Parsing datetime

JSON parsing for http requests

Given a list of hash maps, look up the min value

Hashmap interface

Collections library

Debugging open source codebase - Python