Literate programming

Old school is graph like!

TeX the Program

Making organization more efficient

Risk team

Legal team, word files / html files - parsing?

examples of tools built?

design process?

What do you mean: English -> move them towards something more formal

Do people ask you to solve their problems? What problems are these?

Ops team

  • trader
  • currently done with spreadsheets?
  • solution first?
    • provide them solutions
  • pricing stack

Problem James faces:

  • People have idea of how things should be done (~30 years).

  • They don’t know what’s possible

  • We have a vision of what’s possible.

    • Execute that onto day to day reality.
    • Highly iterative.
      • Ambiguous
  • Gradual typing system

  • Creating documentation which is legally valid

  • Codegen documentation

  • Codegen Org charts

  • Autogen org chart